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Joy is different from most kids her age; she faithfully wears a hearing aid in each ear, despite being profoundly deaf. Although she deals with the struggle of being accepted by other kids, she learns she has the power to bring joy into her life, one day at a time.

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Young Hakeem had always dreamt of being a king. When he learned last year, that he may have a chance at getting a crown, his fantastical thoughts and imagination led him on a clever quest to ensure that he did! Hakeem will stop at nothing to receive his very first crown and shares his witty and heartfelt adventure!

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The “Deaf But Blessed Journals” collection “is designed with 100 blank lined pages titled “You Are Beautiful, Joy, Deaf but Blessed, and God’s Gal.” These empowering journals are tailored for that special deaf or HOH girl who is proud to show off her community, her love of ASL, and her faith! In fact, EVERY young lady or woman who loves the language of ASL/ sign language, would appreciate the craft of this journal. There are no others like it!  Have fun learning the power of journaling and the strength of your words as you carry this journal around with you, reminding you of your blessings…everywhere you go!”

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